Collaborative Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Group Board Collage

I have so much fun with Pinterest and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to pin to my collaborative boards. The more awesome pins we share the more followers we gain to the boards, which means more sales for everyone!

If you are a teacher or a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers (or both!) I would love to invite you to my group boards. Please check out the board rules below if you are interested in joining:

Happy Teacher’s Collaborative Board Rules

1. Surround your product pin with five related free pins. This strategy helps the boards but it also helps your sales. You want teachers to stop and look at your pins but when all of the pins are product after product they start to blend together. Make your product stand out by showing teachers related resources. Examples of related pins are quotes, bulletin boards, videos, books, art projects, games, teaching tips, teacher jokes, organizational tips, food ideas, free products, etc.

2. You may pin ONE product per board daily ONLY if you have pinned 5 related pins for each product.

3. Do not pin products that do not relate to the board’s topic. I hate dropping people from the boards but intentionally pinning a  holiday resource to every seasonal board at one time is spamming. It creates a huge amount of work for me to go in and delete, for example, Halloween resources that have been pinned to every single board.

4. Do not pin identical pins to multiple boards or to the same board within a week. This includes pinning multiple preview pages for the exact same product in a row. Please try to mix it up and give the boards variety. Try creating interesting and noticeably different versions of pins for the same product and then rotating which one you pin. For example, do not pin a different page from a product preview over and over- they do not look different enough from each other and are boring to followers.

5. Try to avoid pinning only product covers as much as possible. Use images from inside your product or photos of your resources in action. When possible try to pin colorful images rather than black & white ones.

6. Do not pin anything involving adult humor, fitness, politics, etc. Please stay on topic and keep things child friendly.

7. Do not pin super long pins or super tiny pins. This includes product covers & thumbnails from the TPT website.  Try to pin clear, medium sized images. Upload your own images directly to Pinterest instead of using the pin it button on your TPT product pages

8. Do not pin ads for other collaborative boards or for sales other than the TPT site wide sales each quarter.

9. Do not participate in pinning parties on any of my group boards.

9. Feel free to pin educational pins even if you don’t have a product to promote. My goal is for the majority of each board to be made up of helpful, interesting, & free ideas for teachers. I appreciate your help curating these boards.

10. Enjoy pinning!

If you’ve made it this far and you would still like to pin on my collaborative boards please be sure to:

1. Follow me on pinterest so I can add you as a collaborator. Pinterest will not allow pinners to be added if they are not already following the creator of the board(s).

2. Leave me a comment with your pinterest link on this post. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for pinterest to let me add someone to the boards so don’t worry if the invites don’t come through right away. Please let me know if you haven’t received an invite after 48 hours though & I will resend them.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and for your interest in my boards. I’m excited to pin with you!

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