Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten, First Grade, & Second Grade – Freebies!

Are you ready for Earth Day? With Easter so late I feel like we haven’t had much time to start learning about Earth Day yet. But I guess that’s what next week is for, right?

tired polar bear

I spent today updating some of my Earth Day favorites from last year. New cute fonts make such a difference! Click below to see these items for sale in my TPT store. They will be 20% off Easter Sunday along with everything else in my store so be sure to pop over tomorrow & do some shopping in between eating chocolate bunnies!

pug shopping

Update Math Fact Recycling Hunt PreviewEarth Day Math Printables for Blog PreviewAnd now for some freebies! I had a request to make some of my Earth Day math codes more kindergarten friendly which I thought was an awesome idea! You can get all of my Earth Day math codes for free over in my store:

Earth Day Math Codes CollageI also have a cute little sample from my Earth Day Math Printables just for you lovely blog readers- just click the image below:

Earth Day Math Printables Sampler


Free Sweetart Chicks, Ducks, & Bunnies Math Activities


Happy Almost Easter teacher friends!! I don’t know how things are going at your houses but our resident Easter Bunny has already purchased and eaten 2 rounds of Easter basket candies.  I wish I was joking about that but it’s true! I can’t resist those chocolate bunnies :-)


In all my (multiple!) Easter candy shopping trips I picked up some of these Sweetart Chicks, Ducks, & Bunnies for my class too:

Sweetarts Chicks, Ducks, & Bunnies

Here are a few fun math activities to go along with these little treats. Click below for your freebie!

Free Sweetart Chicks, Ducks, & Bunnies Math


Reading Activities for Any Book & Any Season

hermione stressed

This is that time of the school year when things get crazy. I used to think that it started in May but I’m officially declaring April another month of Too Much Teacher Stress as well. I love my class but I feel like I’m racing to keep up with everything that needs to be done and just really, really wanting to take a nap. Which I’ve been doing way too often!

tiana stressed

And I don’t think I’m the only teacher feeling so exhausted which is one of the reasons I’m so excited about this new item in my TPT store- lots of Common Core activities that you can use with any book. They are great for reading workshop, reading response, reading journals, sub plans, fast finishers, & anytime you are in a pinch!




Click any of the pictures above to see it in my TPT store. It will be 50% off for the next 24 hours!

You can also click below for 10 free pages you can use right now:

Reading Fun Free Sample Cover1

image credit: gify


Cloud Fact Writing Freebies

Coming back from Spring Break is turning me into one tired teacher! At least we’ve made it to Wednesday though!

camel hump day

We are finishing up our weather unit this week with a focus on clouds & the water cycle. I made these pages for my kiddos to practice writing 3 facts about each of the main types of clouds we have been studying. I also made a quick roll and add five game as well- I love that anything including the word game automatically becomes exciting to first graders! Click the image below to download your freebies! Happy Thursday Eve!

Cloud Fact Writing CollageRoll a Cloud+5


Spring Break Shopping Spree Winner!

princess and frog excited

I’m just a bit excited to announce our Spring Break Shopping Spree winner! Thank you to everyone who entered and especially to everyone who shared their favorite Easter candy- I wish I could send you each a basket full of your favorites (I can’t do that but I can point out that tons of Easter candy is already on sale at Target….)

puppies running

Our winner is Julie!

Julie, check your email & your prize will be on the way!

And keep filling up your TPT wishlists- I will have another gift certificate giveaway next month so be sure to come back & enter!

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Spring Break TPT Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Spring Break Giveaway

I am so happy to be on spring break, even if its been pouring rain the entire time, that I want to host a little giveaway for my lovely blog readers.


Enter below for the chance to win a $25 Teachers Pay Teachers gift certificate- perfect for new spring projects & end of the year activities for your class! Or if you’re like me and have a clipart obsession working overtime you could just cash in for more cute clipart.

rachel zoe

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And here’s some throwback Jessica Simpson to get you in the shopping spree state of mind ;-)

jessica simpson shopping

images credits: gify

graphics: kg fonts, sonya dehart, kevin & amanda fonts


Collaborative Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Board Cover Collage

I have so much fun with pinterest and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to pin to my collaborative boards. The more awesome pins we share the more followers we gain to the boards, which means more sales for everyone!

I’m excited to announce that I am adding some more collaborative boards and I would love to add you as a pinner! These new boards will be for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, & second grade.

Preschool Board Cover

Kindergarten Board Cover

First Grade Board Cover

Second Grade Board Cover

I’m updating the rules for my current seasonal boards at this time as well so please take a moment to check them out. The same rules will apply to each of my collaborative boards. I appreciate your help in keeping the boards an enjoyable place for teachers to visit!

Happy Teacher’s Collaborative Board Rules

1. Surround your product pin with related free pins. Try to have at least 5 but, ideally, more related pins. This strategy helps the boards but it also helps your sales. You want teachers to stop and look at your pins but when all of the pins are product after product they start to blend together. Make your product stand out by showing teachers related resources. Examples of related pins are quotes, bulletin boards, videos, books, art projects, games, teaching tips, teacher jokes, organizational tips, food ideas, free products, etc.

2. You may pin up to 3 different products each day ONLY if you have pinned 5 or more related pins for each individual product.

3. Do not pin products that do not relate to the board’s topic. I hate dropping people from the boards but intentionally pinning a  holiday resource to every seasonal board at one time is spamming. It creates a huge amount of work for me to go in and delete, for example, Halloween resources that have been pinned to every single board.

4. Do not pin identical pins to multiple boards or to the same board within 24 hours. This includes pinning multiple preview pages for the exact same product in a row. Please try to mix it up and give the boards variety. Try creating different versions of pins for the same product and then rotating which one to pin each day.

5. Try to avoid pinning only product covers. Use images from inside your product or photos of your resources in action. When possible try to pin colorful images rather than black & white ones.

6. Do not pin anything involving adult humor, fitness, politics, etc. Please stay on topic and keep things child friendly.

7. Do not pin super long pins or super tiny pins. Try to pin clear, medium sized images.

8. Do not pin ads for other collaborative boards or for sales other than the TPT site wide sales each quarter.

9. Feel free to pin educational pins even if you don’t have a product to promote. My goal is for the majority of each board to be made up of helpful, interesting, & free ideas for teachers.

10. Enjoy pinning!

If you’ve made it this far and you would still like to pin on my collaborative boards please be sure to:

1. Follow me on pinterest so I can add you as a collaborator. Pinterest will not allow pinners to be added if they are not already following the creator of the board(s).


2. Leave me a comment with your pinterest link on this post. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for pinterest to let me add someone to the boards so don’t worry if the invites don’t come through right away. Please let me know if you haven’t received an invite after 48 hours though & I will resend them. Sometimes Pinterest is feeling moody so please feel free to let me know & I will try to add you again. :-)

Thank you so much for visiting my website and for your interest in my boards. I’m excited to pin with you!

Here are the links to my seasonal boards:

Small Back to School Board

Small Halloween Board Cover

Small Thanksgiving Board

Small December Holidays Board

Small Winter Board

Small February Board

Small March Board

Small Spring Board

Small End of School Board

For more pinterest tips for TPT sellers check out these posts:



Simple Ways to Politely & Effectively on Collaborative Boards





Simple Ways to Pin Politely & Effectively to Collaborative Pinterest Boards

Simple Ways to Politely & Effectively on Collaborative Boards

Do a Quick Board Review Before You Pin

Open the board you are planning to pin to right before you click pin it. What are the most recent pins? How will your pin fit in? Are you repinning a popular pin that has already been featured that day? You don’t have to scroll back forever to check on this but sometimes in the top 3 rows of a board I’ve seen a great pin that relates to my product that has already been pinned. Checking first means you can be sure your related pins are fresh and unique rather than repetitive and annoying.


Double Check Board Rules

Quickly review the rules for the board you are planning to pin to before you click the pin it button. Scan for any big no-no’s to avoid. Each board is different and will have a different ratio of paid to free pins expected as well as things like the size of pins allowed, product covers, number of total pins per pinner each day, etc. Finding a way that works for you to organize collaborative board rules makes this step way easier! I know this isn’t the most exciting tip but it’s an important one.


Start Your Own Boards to Gain Your Own Following

Start your own boards for each product or product line you create.  Fill these boards exclusively with non-paid pins that complement your product as well as a variety of highly repinnable pins featuring your own product. Filling these boards can be done in a few minutes a day and should be fun for you!

To find great related pins do a search on pinterest for related terms. Do a simple google image search as well. Only pin items from google image search if you are able to follow the link to the original blog post or website featuring the image. Then be sure to pin from that source instead of from the google image search result page. Otherwise your pin will lead your followers to a dead-end rather than to the inspiring source material.

Creating your own boards that are 95% not products is without a doubt the quickest way to gain followers.


How to Use Your New Boards to Promote Your Products on Collaborative Boards

Open a tab with your chosen product promo pin. Open another tab with your board full of related pins. Then open up tabs for each related pin you plan to use from your board. If you need more related pins do a quick search on pinterest and open tabs for each pin you plan to repin. The more related pins, the better!


Now open a tab with the collaborative board you plan to pin to (see the top of this post for more on this). Look at the pins you have open in tabs and think about where your product pin would best stand out. Think about size, color, placement on the board, etc. Check out my spring board below to see a product pin surrounded by related free pins.

Spring Board Example

You’re ready to pin! Pin from each tab in the order you have already planned. Close each tab after clicking pin it. Then go back to admire your well curated contribution to the board!


Learn from the Examples of Successful Pinners

Here are a few of my favorite people on pinterest. Watch their feeds to see how they pair their products with engaging related pins to keep their followers happily repinning!

Lucy S

Andrea Knight

Irene Hines

Keep Your Eye on Successful Collaborative Boards

Watch some of the most successful collaborative boards and try to pin your products in a way that would fit in on these super boards. Keeping these types of boards in mind will lift the level of your pinning. Here are a few of my favorite boards to watch:

Kindergarten Klub

Kinder Land

phil dunphy dancing

For more pinterest tips check out these posts:



image credit: gify, all other images belong to the pinners featured or happyteacherhappykids.com


Free Lucky Charms Math & More!

Slide1I am all for any activity involving food! I wanted to share a few fun Lucky Charms activities my class will be doing on Monday. We’re going to start off with some marshmallow measurement:


And then we’ll do some of the always fun sorting, graphing, & adding:


We’ll see how we far we actually get on St. Patrick’s Day but if we make it this far I have a few calmer activities we can do while coming down from our sugar high!


Slide9Slide10Slide11Slide2Slide3Just click on the top image to download. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


30 Saint Patrick’s Day Freebies for K-2 Teachers

Correct 30 Fabulous St Patrick's Day Freebies collage final version

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year in first grade. There are so many great books to read & songs to sing, not to mention all of the leprechaun trap craziness! I’m already way too excited and have been spending way too much time hunting for fun St. Patrick’s Day teaching ideas.


After pulling myself away from my internet hunt (I think I had 100 tabs open at one point!) I’m back to share all of the fun and FREE teaching resources I found for St. Patrick’s Day. Get yourself ready to start downloading!


With no further ado here are 30 of the best St. Patrick’s Day freebies around!


#1 St. Patrick’s Day 3D Shamrock from Alisha Cogburn

3d shamrock

#2 St. Patrick’s Day Kindergarten Extension Pack from Two Teaching Mommies

100 chart pot of gold 2 teaching mommies

#3 A Bit o’ Math Blarney: True/False Equation Sorting from Michelle Walker

a bit o math blarney

#4 Math Fun with Lucky Leprechaun from Meet Miss Parker

miss parker leprechaun freebie collage fixed version

#5 St. Patty’s Eating of the Greens from Teach Love Laugh

eating of the greens collage fixed

#6  Follow the Clues: St. Patrick’s Day Edition by Emily Richardson

follow the clues st patrick's day

#7 Leprechaun Song & Gold Hunt Activity by Kathy Griffin

Gold Hunt

#8 Golden Contractions by Happy Happy First Grade

golden contractions

#9 Leapin’ Leprechauns March Math Game by Amanda Hagaman

leapin leprechauns game

#10 Fraction Leprechaun by Growing Firsties Lisa Mattes

leprechaun fractions

#11 St. Patrick’s Day Treat Idea & Free Printables by Petite Party Studio

leprechaun loot tag

#12 Leprechaun Trap Planning Kit by Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

leprechaun trap planning

#13 St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms Gift Topper by Julie Faulkner

lucky charms tag

#14 A St. Patrick’s Day Freebie by The Printable Princess

lucky leprechaun printables

#15 Lucky to be a Family Shamrock by SunnyDays

lucky to be a family#16 Leprechaun Squeeze Number Game

Leprechaun Squeeze Game

#17 Lucky Leprechaun Graphing by Jennifer Knopf

Lucky Leprechaun Graphing

#18 St. Patrick’s Day Paddy Potato Project by Sharing Kindergarten

paddy potato project

#19 St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Printables by Anders Ruff via I Heart Nap Time

pot of gold chocolate kiss printables

#20 St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craftivity by Nicole Johnson

rainbow craftivity

#21 Rainbow Treasure Hunt for St. Patrick’s Day by A Little Delightful

rainbow treasure hunt

#22 Roll & Graph St. Patrick’s Day by Ashley Hughes

roll and graph st patrick's day

#23 St. Patrick’s Day Math Printables by Games 4 Learning

st patrick's day make a ten

#24 Math Mystery Pictures for St. Patrick’s by Chankyna

st patrick's day math mystery pictures

#25 Number Talks Freebie: St. Patrick’s Day Themed by Katie King – Queen of the First Grade Jungle

st patrick's day number talks

#26 St. Patty’s Day Printables by Michelle Hudgeons

st patrick's day printables

#27 St. Patrick’s Day Pudding Recipe & Activity by Word to the Wise

st patrick's day pudding

#28  St. Patrick’s Day Scattergories by Linda Zeiler

st patrick's day scattagories

#29 St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompt Cards by Nora Davis

st patrick's day writing prompts

#30 St. Patty’s Day: What Number Comes Next? by Caitlin Clabby Kindergarten Smiles

st patty's what number comes next

image credit: gify, all images belong to the creator’s of each freebie, please let me know if you would like your freebie removed from this list