Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Are You Ready for School?

Brown Bear Links

Starting the school year off with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is the kindergarten tradition I miss the most as a first grade teacher. Kindergarten does Brown Bear in serious style at my school so my new first graders feel they are oh so old and mature for any revisiting of Brown Bear by the time I meet them. So I’m getting to vicariously enjoy Brown Bear in this post! I found so many cute ideas browsing Pinterest this morning so keep on reading to be inspired!

Brown Bear Cupcakes from Cakes by Becky

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Cupcakes by Becky

These gorgeous cupcakes would be amazing as a first day of school treat or as a treat at the end of a Brown Bear unit! The kids would love them and so would their teacher! I am just sad that I don’t live near the amazing Becky because I would be ordering some right now.

Brown Bear Painted Paper Collages from Little Running Teacher

Brown Bear Collage Little Running Teacher

I love doing painted paper projects with kids because they always end up with a great final project. Head over to the Little Running Teacher to see step by step directions for these Brown Bear inspired collages. They would make a gorgeous back to school bulletin board.

 Brown Bear Sequencing Necklaces from Peace, Love, and Kinder

Brown Bear Sequencing Craft from Peace, Love, and KinderI love doing wearable crafts with kids and I’m glad that first graders are not too cool for them yet… hopefully I don’t ever move to a grade where they roll their eyes at that stuff! This Brown Bear sequencing activity is too cute! I love the bear faces and how fun to have all the animals inside ready to help with retelling. Be sure to visit Peace, Love and Kinder to see all of the fun bear themed activities she has created.

 Brown Bear Retelling Puppet from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

Color Brown Bear Puppet from Mrs. RiccaWhat a fun paper bag puppet! This is such a great back to school activity to practice cutting, gluing, and coloring with new kindergartners. Be sure to visit Mrs. Ricca’s blog for lots of adorable activities to have Color Days with your class as well as a free download to make your own puppets. Super cute!

Brown Bear Magnetic Story Props from Doodle Bugs Teaching

doodlebugs magnetic story props for brown bear

These magnets would be awesome in a retelling center for kids to get their hot little hands on. They could also work as a fun file folder activity. Doodle Bugs Teaching has shared a bunch of great Brown Bear freebies so click on over!

Free Brown Bear M&M Math & Handwriting Practice from Me

Free Brown Bear M&M Color Math Collage

Click the picture above for some fun & easy to prep Brown Bear activities that I made last year. I think that even my first graders will allow some Brown Bear nostalgia if there are M&M’s involved! I also want to share this little animal math game that is from my Color Animal Back to School Unit over on TPT. Click below to get another freebie!

Roll a Rainbow of Animals Free Math Game

Here are some more fun activities from my unit that will coordinate perfectly with your Brown Bear, Brown Bear back to school plans!

First up, play dough  mats!

Brown Bear Play Dough Mats Collage

Language Arts Printables

Brown Bear Language Arts Printables

No Prep Math Games for Each Color Animal

Brown Bear Printable Math Games

The unit also includes handwriting practice booklets, getting to know you animal cards, first day of school treat bag tags, pencil flags, templates for animal crafts & even more printables! Click below to check it out on TPT:

Color Animals Long Pin


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First Day of School Treats for Students – Let’s Have a Bright Year!

Teachers in Summer

I am so not ready to believe it’s time for back to school shopping but I can’t resist the Target dollar spot. I found the cutest crayon erasers there and had to scoop them up. I knew they would be the perfect little first day of school prize for my new class. You know, the new class that I feel I should be meeting in about 3 more months instead of next month, of course, but this way at least one thing is ready! Click the photo below to download the labels I used. You’ll need to print them out on Avery 5160 labels.

Let's Have a Bright Year!

Font Credit: Kimberly Geswein


Back to School Advice & Tips for New Teachers: Link Up Your Best Advice!

Help! I'm a Brand New Teacher Blog Header

This school  year will be my 10th year teaching! Ten years blows my mind because I can still tell you the names of all the kids in the class I student taught. It’s strange realizing that you’re not the total newbie on campus anymore.

Reflecting on my 9 years of teaching leaves me with some complicated feelings. I’m proud of myself for hanging in there, amazed that I still haven’t figured out all the things that I thought I would surely know at this point, peaceful & calm about a new year starting (which is a definite improvement from Brand New Teacher Me’s summer stress levels), & excited to keep trying new ideas & to meet a new crew of cute kiddos!

These feelings would go good with pie.

I was so nervous about everything the summer before my first year began. I spent so much time in the library taking notes from copies of Young Children & The Reading Teacher. At home I used my slow dial up internet to stalk Kim Jordano, Nellie Edge, & Mrs. Flanagan at Little Giraffes. I’m so grateful to these amazing ladies who shared so much on their websites. This was the “Before Pinterest Era” and finding new teaching ideas was a very slow process compared to today. I can’t imagine planning without Pinterest now. It makes me feel like poor LC below just thinking about it!

lauren conrad crying

I’ve been thinking about the advice I would have given to myself that summer and I want to share it with any readers who are getting ready this summer to teach their first class. Here it comes!

1. Set a reasonable time to leave school each day & stick to it!

abby lee miller wants to go home

There is always more work you could stay & do at school. It’s not going anywhere. Establishing boundaries for your personal life can help you manage stress & be well rested for the next day with your class.

#2 Get serious about germ prevention!

sneeze monster

Make it as easy as possible for your students to frequently wash their hands. Check to see if they can reach the sink & pick up a stepping stool if they need a boost. The soap dispenser in my first classroom was completely out of reach of any 6 year old so for about 4 months they were just rinsing their hands with water until I noticed what was happening.  Gross memories!

#3 Ask to observe your more experienced colleagues teaching in their own classrooms.

Business Women

I learned more from watching my grade level team members in action than in any professional development. I was lucky to join a strong & welcoming kindergarten team and these informal observations made a huge difference in my teaching.

#4 On Sunday, plan all of your after-school activities for the week & write them into your plan book.


Force yourself to get organized & schedule things like workouts, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, etc. Writing these  in my plan book helped me focus on doing things that would alleviate stress & just make my days go smoother. I have so many memories of coming home exhausted to find no clean clothes for the next morning let alone anything to eat for dinner. It’s simple but planning these more mundane things will help you when there is so much going on at school. It gives me a sense of being in control & on top of things which is reassuring when things at school get crazier.

#5 Stock an emergency drawer in your desk.

alex mccord

You will spend so much time in your classroom that it will start to feel like your second home. Keeping some essentials on hand at school will save you in all those little kerfuffles that can pop up. Here’s what I have stashed in mine: dental floss, hair ties, cough drops, deodorant, slippers, gloves, scarf, socks, flip flops, nail clippers, batteries, lip gloss, compact, extra birthday cards & thank you notes, gum, & snacks. I also keep an extra coat in my classroom for those days when the weather changes dramatically.

#6 Document ALL parent & administrator contact.

nightmareI have to be honest and admit that I still struggle with this one. It is a tedious job but an essential one. Get a simple notebook at one of the back to school sales coming up & keep it with your plan book. It doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated. Jot down the date, who you had contact with, & a few lines to remind you of the most important points. Angela Watson has a great freebie with a template you can use.

#7 Prep emergency sub plans now so you are ready for any unexpected illness during the year.


This is one of those things that you will be so grateful for during the year. Most likely, as a new teacher, you’re going to get sick. During my first year I ended up with all kinds of weird illnesses (highlights include slap cheek, double pink eye, & scarlet fever!) and there is nothing worse than trying to write sub plans while you are feeling so unwell. It’s so much nicer to send an email that directs your sub to your emergency plans and then go back to sleep!

#8 Practice some positive phrases to use in difficult situations with parents and/or administrators.

Lucille Bluth

There will inevitably be some tense conversations during your first year of teaching and beyond. Do everything you can to stay calm, to listen more than you speak, & to show empathy for the person you are talking with. I used to feel like I had to have an instant answer or solution to share in these moments and I often felt like a failure because I didn’t know what to say when I was caught off guard. Now I try to respond by saying something like this, “Thank you for letting me know about this. I’ll think about it some more and get back to you soon.” This type of statement gives everyone time to simmer down and reflect on what the next steps should be. I also highly recommend downloading Aspire to Inspire’s wonderful freebie, “Dealing with Difficult Parents: Unexpected On-The-Job Training” It has a wealth of great tips!

#9 Do at least one thing with your class each week that reminds you of why you became a teacher in the first place.

sheldon with trains

I love to sing & play the piano so teaching my first graders to sing songs like The Rainbow Connection, Inch by Inch, & A You’re Adorable makes me smile & feel more connected to my class. I also love to get down on the floor with my kids to do art projects. We really enjoyed working on coloring in Jenny’s awesome math collaborative posters together this year. We also had a Frozen singalong during our last week of school. It was so much fun! During the year I always try to read some of my childhood favorites like Noisy Nora, Pinkerton, Pippi Longstocking, George & Martha, Lyle Crocodile. Finding a way to share the things that truly put a smile on your face with your class will help you feel less stressed and more cheerful. There’s always a way to work these types of activities in & you will feel so much more energized to keep going throughout the year.

#10 Keep a journal for all of the hilarious & cute comments you will get from students.

noted-ryan-the-officeYou might think you’ll always remember these moments but they do start to blur pretty quickly. One of favorite student stories is from an awesome little girl who was the talk of  our kindergarten all day because her pet dog had just, in her words, “laid puppies”. We heard names, vital statistics, every imaginable detail about these new pups. A few mothers got in touch with our little story teller’s mom after school because they were hoping to adopt puppies only to find out that not only were there no puppies there also wasn’t even a pet dog! Got to love her imagination! My journal has several pages for this one student alone & it always makes me smile to remember her that year. Reading your journal can also be really powerful when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about teaching. It’s nice to have some reminders of the funny times right at your fingertips.

#11 Don’t drive yourself crazy with an elaborate classroom theme.

Money to Burn

Your students will still learn and have a great year even if you don’t decorate your classroom with a fun theme. I love my classroom filled with rainbows & bumblebees but I’ve had 9 years to gradually make fun purchases & fancy things up.  I always joke that my classroom theme for my first few years was “school” followed by “learning” with maybe a dash of “tidiness”. Seriously though, save your money! It’s much more cost effective to check out garage sales, retiring teachers’ classrooms, Craig’s List, Ebay, etc for those fun classroom extras.

#12 Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

worry about yourself

I love this quote! I know that it’s way too easy to get caught up in comparing your classroom to other classrooms you see at your campus or online and  that usually leads to feeling  inadequate about yourself as a teacher. This is something that I still struggle with at times & I think most teachers do to a certain extent. I’m trying to have this be my mantra though and hopefully you can remind yourself as well, especially as a first year teacher. I wish you luck in your first year of teaching! Be kind to yourself & remember to have fun with your students! Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions you have. I would love to try to help out!

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle

image & font credits: Vorobyeva.Shutterstock.com, Woaiss/Shutterstock.com, Kimberly Geswein Fonts, Giphy.com

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18 Amazing Classroom Organization Tips & Tricks

Amazing Classroom Organization IdeasSummer has finally arrived for me! And somehow one week of summer vacation has me itching to plan for next school year or at least for the cute pinterest inspired part of starting a new school year. Not so much the actual work part though!

too busy organizing pins

Ready to join me in some vicarious organization enabled by Pinterest?

Here are my favorite classroom organization finds shared by some very creative teachers. Click each picture to head on over to their blogs:

1. Sort construction paper into a filing box.

No more random crumpled edges & you can easily spot any colors you are running low on. So much better than my current system of shoving construction paper into drawers & keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have enough of each color when I need it.

construction paper filefrom Diane at teachwithme.com

2. Store math games in plastic bags & hang them on a towel rack.

I’m so doing this for my math workshop menu choices next year! I had a hard time keeping enough supplies out for multiple math games at a time without it looking like a small hurricane has blown through my classroom so this looks like a perfect solution.

busybags from small potatoesfrom Arlee at Small Potatoes

3. Store base ten blocks in supply caddies.

I spent this entire school year thinking I didn’t own any of these blocks until afterschool on our very last day when I discovered my dusty class set of foam base ten blocks! So frustrating but at least I’ll be ready for next year. This idea is brilliant! When the kids clean up they get to sort ones, tens, & hundreds one more time.

base ten blocksfrom Sally at Elementary Matters

4. Label, label, label!

I had a really hard time choosing just one adorable & perfectly labeled picture from this gorgeous classroom. Seriously, you must click the photo below and give yourself some time to take it all in! Amazingly cute & functional! As my good friend Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there!”

table supply basketsfrom Mel D. at Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

5. Then add more labels!

I don’t know how I’ve been living all this time without knowing that self adhesive chalkboard vinyl exists! So many fun possibilities starting with these fun teacher supply jars.

chalkboard cupsfrom the x-acto website

6. Color code your curriculum files by subject.

One of my big summer goals this year is to purge my files and hopefully eliminate one of my file cabinets. If I survive the file downsizing this will be my next project.

filesfrom Angela at Primarily Primary

7. Sort extra crayons by color.

Wouldn’t it be great if this eliminated some of the daily, “Where’s my (fill in any color here) crayon?” Maybe it was just the group of kiddos I had this year but missing crayons was quite a frequent (& dramatic) event. And I love anything that incorporates another rainbow into my classroom!

crayon cupsfrom Bethany at Ship Shape First Grade

8. Use plastic dishpans to store classroom library books.

I am a girl who loves her plastic containers a little too much so I thought I had seen all of the classroom storage options at this point. I am so happy to be wrong! These are amazing! I love that they are clear and wide to store odd sized books. This entire classroom is so beautiful & very organized. Click through to see more!

blue library 1from Eloiseney

9. Store earbuds in a plastic bead box with numbered sections.

This year was my first year to have the kids bring in headphones to use and it was a hot mess! I had kids losing headphones left & right not to mention that some kids brought really big and really expensive ones to school which were hard to store & gave me some serious anxiety about anything happening to them. I’m hoping to encourage next year’s kids to just bring simple earbuds and then we are going to give this box storage a whirl.

headphonesfrom Brittany at Inspire.Love.Learn.

10. Store extra scrapbook & construction paper by color.

I love using scrapbook paper but I really hate how spendy it is. And I hate it even more when I see kids destroying the scraps or just dumping them once they are finished. This year I had a tub for kids to save the scraps in but having all colors in one tub made it time consuming to dig through when we needed more for a new project. I don’t know if I can fit something like this in my room space wise for next year but I’m going to try to make it work as Tim Gunn would say ;-)

paper storagefrom Rachel at I Love My Three Sons

11. Set up a check out station for your classroom library

I love how you could reuse this from one year to the next using class numbers rather than names. It might be a little ambitious for my first graders to manage at the start of the school year but I think by mid-year they will be up for the challenge. This is another photo that leads to an amazingly inspiring classroom tour so be sure to click through to see the rest of this room!

library check outfrom I Love Labels

12. Label & separate each child’s crayons on the group supply caddy.

I always struggle with class supplies and I feel like I’ve tried everything from individual pencil boxes to store everything for each child to group supply baskets with no names on anything. I like this idea because it meets somewhere in the middle. I’m getting ready for my 10th year of teaching and I’m pretty sure I’ve used 9 different ways to organize the supplies. Maybe this will be the one to stick!

table suppliesfrom Karen at Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

13. Store emergency sub plans in a well labeled container.

I’ve always done emergency sub plans in a binder but I like this idea even more- you could put read alouds & any other needed materials right in with the plans. This way it would definitely be easy to spot too!

sub tubfrom Melissa at Teach Bake Love

14. Gather copies & materials for the whole week in one spot.

I used some rainbow dividers from Lakeshore for this same type of storage but I could never fit everything I needed into  each day’s container. I love how roomy these bins are and that they stack to save on counter space. Especially since I have no free counter space at this point!

Weekly OrganizationFrom Alison at Rockin’ and Lovin’ Learnin’

15. Store ipods in labeled caddies.

Since I’m busy organizing my imaginary classroom this evening I’m going to store my imaginary ipods in these cute containers. Fingers crossed I’ll have some real technology to store in the future!

ipod listening centerFrom Molly at Lucky to Be in First!

16. Separate teaching resource books by topic.

I spend way too much time squinting at the teeny tiny titles on the spines of skinny teaching resource books trying to find stuff. This will save me so much time and hopefully eliminate eye strain too!

teacher book storageFrom Clutter-Free Classroom

17. Store puzzles in pencil pouches.

I am in favor of anything that means I can get rid of the severely abused cardboard boxes my rainy day puzzles live in! Such a great idea! I’m putting these pouches on my back to school shopping list.

puzzle storageFrom Kelly at The Navy Stripe

18. Sort prep materials for aides & volunteers in plastic drawers.

Somehow I think this system will work much better than my current system, especially because my current system is one giant pile of papers with post-its barely hanging on!

teacher job storagefrom Anna at Crazy for First Grade

 Doesn’t it all just make you want to head to the Container Store immediately?!

whitney and lc are excited

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Happy Summer $25 TPT Gift Card Giveaway

summer water

5 more days until summer is officially here for me! I know everything will get done, because somehow it always does, but I am feeling really ready for a break.  Mostly ready for some intensive sleeping in and tv watching!

starbucks summer

And just in time for last minute lesson planning it’s TPT gift card giveaway time again! Or maybe you are one of those super organized teachers who is planning for next school year already & you are ready to do some back to school shopping. Either way I hope you are ready to enter!

palm trees

waves on the beach

Enter below for the chance to win a $25 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card! Good luck & Happy Summer!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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New Pinterest Group Boards for Upper Grades & More!

New Board Cover Collage

I’m so excited to start these new boards! Please let me know if you would like to join any or all of them.  I would also be happy to add you to any of the boards mentioned in this post. You can check out all of my group board rules while you’re over there too.  Those rules will apply to these new boards with just a few differences as noted below:

Teacher Tips Board Cover

*all grade levels welcome to pin

*no paid products

*pin teacher jokes, quotes, organization, management, technology, classroom design, communication, gift ideas, etc

Best of Classroom Bulletin Boards & Doors pinterest board cover

*all grade levels welcome to pin

*no paid products

*only pin photos of decorated classroom doors &  bulletin boards

Art for Kids Board Cover

*all grade levels welcome to pin

*pin music, drama, visual arts, poetry, etc

*be sure to follow the board guidelines for pinning paid products in this post

Third Grade Board Cover

Fourth Grade Board Cover

Fifth Grade Board Cover

*3rd, 4th, & 5th grade boards follow the same rules as those in this post

michelle tanner

To join these collaborative boards please be sure to:

1. Follow me on pinterest so I can add you as a collaborator. Pinterest will not allow pinners to be added if they are not already following the creator of the board(s).


2. Leave me a comment with your pinterest link. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for pinterest to let me add someone to the boards so don’t worry if the invites don’t come through right away. Please let me know if you haven’t received an invite after 48 hours though & I will resend them.

Thank you so much for joining! Happy Pinning!

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End of the School Year Goodies for Teachers!

Somehow there are only 10 days left in this school year! I am always amazed when we arrive at this point each spring.


I am so ready for some relaxation but I always get emotional about saying goodbye to my students at the same time. I’m way excited to be done with assessments, report cards, classroom cleaning, and all that end of the year stuff but I’m feeling bittersweet about everything else.

kristin bell excited

We had our annual Open House celebration this past week which has added exhaustion to my mixed emotions. So did I start writing report cards or be productive in other way this weekend? Of course not!

michael scott is dyring

I hope that you are surviving the end of the year craziness as best you can! Here are a few little freebies to help you make it through:

Just Popping By Pinterest Image

I have had an amazing group of parents this year and I wanted a little something to thank them for all they have done this year. I printed this on full page label paper, cut them out, & stuck them right onto a bag of microwave popcorn. I put a tray out at Open House for the parents to pick up. Click the photo above to download this little tag. UPDATE: I just added a second version of the tag that would be best for single parent families. Let me know if you have any other edits to suggest that would make the tags work for your particular gift giving situation :-)

Summer Handwriting Joke Book

If you’re looking for some fun things to keep your class busy in the last few days check out this handwriting joke book. It’s also something you can send home with your kiddos for summer practice. Just click above to pick up this Facebook Fan freebie. Click the like button to download your copy.

Good luck making it to the last day!

stay strong

image credits: gify


Teacher Appreciation Giveaway Winner!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week! I am having way too much fun clip art shopping over at the TPT big sale!

shopping is my cardio

Our winner is Rachel!

Rachel, check your email for your prize! Happy Shopping!

Everyone else be sure to check back next month for another chance to win a $25 TPT gift card!

image credits: gify


Teacher Appreciation $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway!

treat to self

Are you ready to shop? I know I am- my shopping cart is getting way too full over at Teachers Pay Teachers. I just can’t resist a sale so it is definitely treat yo self time! Everything in my little store will be 20% off, including my alphabet bundles, so be sure to head over & check things out.

Alphabet Value Bundle #1 Square Cover

Alphabet Value Bundle #2 square cover


treat yo self cupcakes

 And here’s a little something to increase your treat yo self funds:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Edited: This is why I shouldn’t post things in the middle of the night! The rafflecopter asks about your favorite spring candy (last month’s giveaway question) when it really should just be blank- aka leave a comment about anything! I’m thinking this question might still be appropriate though considering that we still have Easter candy in my house right now ;-)


6 Pinterest Secrets Every Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Needs to Know

Six Pinterest  Secrets Every TPT Seller Should Know

Hi Teacher Friends! I’ve been getting a lot of great questions lately about the best ways to grow your TPT following on pinterest and thought I would share some of the things that have been working well for me lately. If you are new to pinterest you might want to start with some of my earlier posts that cover some pinterest basics. Otherwise get ready for my favorite pinterest secrets. Are you ready to be like this awesome baby with such incredibly engaged followers? I hope so ;-)


1. Research & follow pinners who are NOT Teachers Pay Teachers sellers.

books on making friends

You probably are already following a bunch of TPT sellers, which is great! Keep doing that. It won’t be long though until you start seeing some of the same pins over and over in your feed. You need to find unique, high quality pins to surround your product pins with as well as to keep your feed engaging & interesting for your followers (& the future followers you are hoping to attract).

Following & repinning from pinners outside the TPT circle will help you find fresh and new pins that will stand out. Look for pinners in education-related fields like social workers, parents, speech therapists, day care workers, authors, child friendly celebrities, child friendly brands, artists, librarians, etc. Here are some great pinners to get you started:

Melissa & Doug Toys


School Library Journal

Bernadette (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)

Rainy Day Mum

Candlewick Press

Debbie @ Country

2. Save time by highlighting the text you want to include in your pin description before clicking the pin it button.

april ludgate

I just learned about this tip over on Cute as a Fox and it is such a huge time saver. Your pins have a much better chance of turning up at the top of pinterest’s search results when the description has meaningful key words rather than just the title of the image “IMG 56″ or even by just leaving the description blank. By highlighting the text from the website that is most relevant to the pin you get a head start on writing an effective product description.

  Click here for this simple tutorial on Cute as a Fox.

#3 Think about what a teacher would type into the search box on Pinterest and be sure to use those words in your pin description.


It does matter! Writing effective descriptions is an ongoing project for me. My pins with clear, teacher friendly details included are always repinned at a higher rate than my pins with descriptions like “cute idea” or even worse “:-)”. Here are some articles that I’ve found helpful in writing pin descriptions as well as in improving the product descriptions in my TPT store:

5-Step Formula for Writing Handmade Product Descriptions That Sell

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell, Boost SEO Efforts

5 Tips to Better Product Descriptions

7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

#4 Research on Pin Groupie to find group boards you are interested in joining.


Instead of blindly searching for group boards on pinterest,  visit Pin Groupie and you’ll end up with a list of potential group boards almost immediately. Be sure to choose the education or kids category to filter your results. Then reach out to each board’s host to ask about joining. If there is no contact information in the board’s description look at the collaborator list and the icon the farthest to the left is the board’s creator. Then you can search for a blog or facebook page to get in touch with them.

Even if the board is not adding new pinners you should still follow it so you can study what successful pins (& boards) look like. Keep in mind that at some point most group boards end up having to stop adding new pinners because it just becomes too time consuming to manage.

It can be a total bummer to not be added but try to remind yourself that it really isn’t anything personal. I have been lucky to be added to many of the group boards I have reached out to board hosts about but I have also not been added to even more boards that I would have loved  to join. Remember, there will always be another board to join and you can always start your own group boards as well!

#5 Pins with an aspect ratio of 2:3 get 60% more repins than very tall images.


Super long pins and teeny tiny pins can both be annoying to your followers and are my personal pet peeve. ;-) That’s just one of the things you can do to optimize your images for pinterest. Click the image below to see a great infographic from Curalate with 7 more characteristics of highly repinnable images.

Aspect Ratio

#6 If you have a product pin with zero repins and zero likes, delete it and create a more engaging promotional pin for that product.


This one can sting but it does make a big difference. As you get better at creating highly repinnable images you might come to find that the pins you started out with are not doing you any good.  In my case I found that some of my earliest pins were actually really embarrassing too! Refreshing these pins brought them to a new audience and to new buyers!

Looking for more Pinterest tips to promote your Teachers Pay Teachers products? Click below:

4 Pinterest Tips for TPT SellersSimple Ways to Politely & Effectively on Collaborative Boards

Collaborative Pinterest Board Tips for TPT Sellers

 If you are interested in joining any of my collaborative boards click below:

Pinterest Board Cover Collage

image credits as noted or gify

image credits for title: creative clips, sonya de hart, kg fonts