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Getting my taxes ready last week made one thing crystal clear to me- I have a clip art addiction! Since I started selling on TPT last year my clip art shopping has gotten a little crazy. I keep thinking this year I’ll stick to a budget but I think I know I’m just kidding myself!

when i shop the world gets better

There are so many amazing clip artists on TPT and I wanted to share some of my favorites. My list of favorites got way too long so this post will have some sequels coming later! Here is my first batch of favorites in no particular order:

Our Monitos

This store is an automatic buy for me. I get a notification of a new item and it goes straight into my cart! I love everything but two of my favorite sets are these ones:

our monitos ice cream cuties

little teachers pets our monitos

PoppyDreamz Digital Art

Gabi is an amazing artist and is so helpful! I couldn’t find clip art for a Diwali project I was working on and she helped me out with these beautiful designs:

poppydreamz digital art rangoli

And I used this fun set so much making holidays around the world activities for my class in December:

world landmarks poppydreamz

Christine O’Brien

Christine is another super helpful & friendly clip artist who has helped me when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Here are two of her gorgeous sets that were just what I needed:

feathered friends christine o'brienMilk & Cookies christine o'brien

Julie Phillipps

I love Julie’s unique style, especially her kids and ninjas!

gardening julie phillipps presidents julie phillipps

Apples ‘n’ Acorns

I love that everything in this shop comes with black line & color images. And there are so many unique twists to all of the tried and true teaching topics for primary grade teachers.

apples n acorns buildings leprechaun apples n acorns

Ramona Majdis

I just found Ramona’s store a few weeks ago and I now have her whole store on my wish list!

ramona presidents day

ramona presidents day2

Epiphanous Owl

This is a brand new shop I stumbled upon over the weekend and I got so excited! Check out this super cute free bunny set:

epiphanous owl easter freebie

This is definitely a store to follow!

Check back again soon for more of my favorite people to buy clip art from! I am so glad that there are so many wonderful artists who share their work with us so we can create cute teaching resources so much easier!

let me love you sheldon


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  1. Lucy says

    We have a lot of favorite artists in common!

    My favorite set by Our Monitos is the Halloween one – it was the first thing I got from them.
    Gabi is great to work with, but I somehow missed the mandala patterns. Thanks for highlighting it!
    Christine, Julie and Apples have wonderful sets, too.

    I hadn’t seen Ramona’s work before – I’ve got a new store to check out now : )

    In addition to the ones you mentioned, I also like Kari Bolt, Educasong, Glitter Meets Glue, A Sketchy Guy, Whimsy Workshop Teaching, The Enlightened Elephant and many more!

    – Lucy